Our Clients & Team Meyer: Better together

"I am so incredibly thankful for the work put in by Team Meyer! You and Lori Ann Eyler Meyer took excellent care of handling the sale of our home! I was positive that my home would still be on the market when I got out of boot camp. I never imagined having a signed offer within 26 hours of listing it! Everything culminated so quickly as I prepared to leave my family for boot camp. You both did a wonderful job seeing it through, even after a couple of hiccups on the buyer's end. I was never worried at all. I was always confident because of your approach and enthusiasm in helping people with the buying and selling of their homes. Thank you so very much for your professionalism and helping Shana through this process while I was away! I my loudest new Navy cry, HOO YAH, TEAM MEYER!!!!"
-Clinton G.
"Lori and Scott area great team to work with. Lori handles communications, details and negotiations, and guidance on what is needed to prep your house. Scott is thoughtful and a good compliment to Lori, and does the creative work. My husband and I liked getting two perspectives in one realtor team. Definitely recommend them."
-Sarah J.
"Absolutely amazing experience. We were moving internationally and were dealing with all of the worries that come with moving and adjusting to a new country. Having only a limited local knowledge and limited time finding a home was a big worry. We are so pleased that we had Lori and Scott working with us - they found us the perfect home that literally ticked every box. They worked closely with the agent on our behalf and we got the house we wanted stress free within a matter of days. This meant that our family could make a stress free transition into a lovely home which was a huge positive for all of us. Thank you!"
-Adrian M.
"We had a great experience buying with Lori and Scott. They are very knowledgeable and honest when giving information and advice. They made the entire process much easier than expected and was with us from start to finish night and day! They made our first home buying process as stress free and comfortable as possible! Highly recommend Lori and Scott if your in the market for a new home."
-Chris & Candace W.
"Team Meyer is the way to go. This was our first time selling a home so we needed quite a bit of guidance! Lori and Scott were so helpful along the way. Lori would answer all of my questions no matter what time of day it was!! I can’t recommend them enough."
-Aubrey B.
"Lori and Scott have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We bought a home and listed our home with them. They were so helpful during the home search. We were looking for a home where we could do a little updating. Every home we looked at, they'd help us talk through the changes we could make to the home. I knew right then that they were people who like to go the extra mile. They took amazing photos of our home and really put the time into crafting a terrific listing. I won't work with anyone else as long as Lori and Scott are still in the business."
-Lance & Lexie P.
"I have had a great experience with Lori and Scott. I think it’s wonderful that they are running their business together. They are very responsive and professional. They also have a great team especially for people that are new to house hunting. They are willing to explain all information to rookies like me and honest. I’ll definitely refer them to anyone I know that want to buy or sell a house."
-Drew. W.
"It was me and my fiancé’s first time buying a home and we had no idea what to do. We were lucky enough to find Lori and Scott and they helped us with all the questions we had. They were very responsive, gave us great information on finding a lender, and very flexible with their time. Our home buying process was made easy and less stressful and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a house!"
-Hannah B.
"Funny story on how I meet Team Meyer’s. It was a very hectic day, the highway was under construction and the streets were busy. I was coming up on the highway (when Scott got over in front of me) lol I was mad cause I got cut off, but God wanted me to look past that. I noticed the back window of their car. So I got my phone and called them right away. I’m still riding behind them, and I’m talking to Lori. At the moment that I contacted them, I was in the first stages of looking for a home. I knew nothing about the home buying process. Scott and Lori were both so professional, understanding, patient and became my family! I had a lot to take into consideration with buying a home, with having two children one special needs, and my mother who is wheelchair bound but helps care for my daughter. I had to look for a home that my daughter could grow into. Meanwhile battling with being sick myself. Scott and Lori went above and beyond for my family. When I was in the hospital they called texted, when I was to sick to answer and they hadn’t heard from me.. guess what? They called my mother looking for me! This was no longer realtors that wanted money. This was two individuals that God placed in my life for many reasons. I could go on and on, with wonderful memories and stinky houses ?? but in the end with I was just overwhelmed , tired of looking . Close to just saying “I’ll just keep renting “ Lori gave me the extra strength I needed to know she has my back. And she found exactly, I can’t stress Exactly enough. Our new home is everything, every corner every room every wall is perfect. I absolutely love Scott and Lori both. Finding a forever home for someone else requires a lot, and then they still have to jungle taking care of their home their children their families etc. But they never let my family down. I love you guys to life and words would never express my thankfulness. May you continue to bless and impact the lives of so many families!!!! "
-Johnnie B.
"Lori & Scott did a phenomenal job helping us find our new home! They were always available to answer questions we had and help us understand the process beginning to end. From the first showing to closing they always made us feel like we were their number 1 priority. Top-notch Team. We highly recommend them!"
-Tammi & Colin L.
"Amazing people to work with. Had answers for all of our questions. Worked with our busy schedules. Very easy to work with. Always though lot of things my wife and I would never think of. Highly recommend!!"
-Matt B.
"We were extremely pleased with Lori and Scott. They worked with us for several months to find our perfect house. They listened to what we wanted and fine tuned their search. They made our available time to look work. They helped us consider the pros and cons of each place we looked at. We never felt pressure from them. We would highly recommend them for your home search."
-Jennifer P.
"Lori and Scott were everything you could ask for in a real estate professional team. Searching for a home is always a stressful experience. For us, that stress was heightened by a very competitive housing market in our search area. From the moment we started working with them, it was clear that our house hunt was a top priority for Lori and Scott. While I'm sure they had many other clients, you never would have known it from the responsiveness and attention we received from them. Any time we wanted to look at a property they were readily available. Any question we had was met with a thoughtful, helpful response. And when the time came to put an offer in on a home, they walked us through the process patiently and thoroughly -- but also expeditiously. Right up until our closing, they were there for us every step of the way -- for two first-time homebuyers that was invaluable. I can't recommend them strongly enough. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with Lori and Scott!"
-Katie D.
"Both Lori and Scott were the quintessential examples of kindness, knowledge, and hospitality. Each and every request was met with a gracious and swift response. Exceptionally well done!"
-Joe V.
"Being a 1st time home buyer in my early 20’s I thought the home buying process was going to be tough and a huge headache but Lori and Scott were extremely amazing and helpful!! Answered any question that came their way super fast! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
-Dario D.
"We could not possibly have sold our home and found our dream home without Lori. She answered all our questions very quickly and was always provided helpful feedback for us."
-Rachel M.
"Lori and Scott (Team Meyer) were incredible to work with throughout our 1st-time-home-buying experience. My wife and I originally started looking at pre-existing homes with them and they had done their homework for what we wanted and what each house did or didn’t have based on our expectations and price range. We loved how knowledgeable and laid back Lori and Scott were, they were trying to see what we liked and were very patient with us. Looking at pre-existing homes eventually switched to working with a local builder at building a home. Lori and Scott were again very helpful through this whole process guiding us through all the selections we made and supporting us during each step. They did a great job offering tips such as what would or wouldn’t increase the value of the home, offered suggestions for customizations that would come in handy down the road, and were honest for what really wasn’t needed in their opinion. Their support continued into (and even after) closing where they gave us a heads up for what to expect in the first year as well as let us know they would remind us when certain activities need to be done or taken care of later in the year. As a first time home buyer, building a home is a whirlwind of an experience with so many different options and information thrown at you. Lori and Scott made my wife and I much more comfortable knowing we had them representing us."
-Bryan B.
"Lori and Scott were wonderful to work with! They were so quick to jump on the houses we wanted to see even we we ourselves couldn't be there in person. They worked at light speed to give us our best chance at the houses we loved, worked to make sure our offers were strong, and were super responsive when we had a question. They are friendly, open, and knowledgeable. We had a great experience with them and would highly recommend them."
-Jessalyn A.